United Events Group Ripped Me Off

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In September 2011, Ricardo Coronado and Morgan Heard contacted me to write three press releases to promote their A Swingin' Affair gala to celebrate Frank Sinatra's birthday on Dec.11, 2011 featuring Pamela Anderson and other talent..

I, an award-winning professional journalist of 20 years, agreed to take the assignment and had them sign a contract to detail the work and payment schedule. I did my job and they did not pay me. They are in breach of contract. They told me that they lost money on the event and don't have money to pay me.

They also told me that this event was a benefit for the Alzheimer's Association, but then told me they didn't raise any money for that organization. When I called Alzheimer's, they had no idea who they were. I took Morgan Heard to small claim's court in Los Angeles in March 2012 and WON and he still refuses to pay me.

They are in the process of setting up the second A Swingin' Affair gala for later this year without having paid people, like myself, who worked on the 2011 gala.Don't let them do this again!

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